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The SeeYa:  Love U

Artist:  The SeeYa
Album:  Love U

Label:  Core Contents Media

Year:  2012 (Dec)

Members in Album:
-Song Minkyung

-Heo Youngjoo

-Song Yoojin

-Oh Yeonkyung

Featured in this album:

-Taewoon of SPEED

-Lee Haeri of Davichi


  1. Poison (ft Lee Haeri of Davichi)
  2. Last Dinner
  3. Your Wedding
  4. The Winter
  5. Poison (Seeya version)
  6. Be With You (Seeya version)
  7. Be With You (ft Taewoon of SPEED)

REVIEW:  The SeeYa:  Love U 

Ahh The SeeYa... When people first heard that Core Contents Media was rebooting their old group Seeya (disbanded in the winter of 2010-2011), many people including myself were a little skeptical.  Many people felt that it was a bad idea, or that CCM was recycling the names because they fail at creating names (such as Gangkiz).  

Well when they debuted, I was gladly proven wrong!  Before we knew what they even looked like, there was a mini drama video about 8 minutes long (below, left).  This seems like a throwback to the CCM of old, having extremely sorrowful and sad videos accompanying their ballads, and it was reminsicent of their style.  CCM's modus operandi seems to be having 8-15 minute long minidramas for their videos whether or not the lyrics are related or not, and had quite a few back in the day.  Considering their borrowed name, I was enjoying the reminder of the old style quite a bit and the song, "Be With You" was quite catchy.  

Then a few days later, they released the 'dance' version (below, right).  CCM needs to be clear on what's a dance, but whatever, now we get to see who is who.  Lucky for us, each member is visually distinctive, something that isn't necessarily so in other kpop groups.   I personally like Youngjoo the best.  Okay, onwards to the album!  

Album Review

Now as for the album, the girls got a bit of help with promotions from another CCM labelmate, Lee Haeri from Davichi in the song "Poison" that also showcased their voices and skills.  The song Poison itself is very heavily focused on main vocalist Yoojin's voice and Haeri's voice but wow do they showcase their talents.  The other songs in the album are great too, including their single released in the previous month. The album has a very sorrowful feel in each of the songs.  

Song content:

1.  Poison really features the vocal ability of Yoojin but the other girls as well (Videos below)

2.  Last Dinner is like a swansong that you'd hear in a dramatic ending moment in some movie or drama.  

3.  Your Wedding features a great midtempo acoustic guitar and showcases Youngjoo's rap skills.  I particularly like hearing this song because of how it reminds me of an old western but with Korean.  

4.  The Winter is a softer but midtempo ballad that features a little piano and flute.  

5.  Be With You The song that got me hooked, a sorrowful song where you can clearly hear the 4 distinct voices of the girls as well as Taewoon.  

There are also alternate versions of Poison (Seeya only) and Be With You (SeeYa only) which I do quite like as well, I may prefer "Poison" without Lee Haeri as her voice seems to cut a bit harder than theirs which is great for certain songs but not this one in my opinion.  In terms of member's line distribution, it seems that Yoojin, their main vocalist, is given a lot more lines, which is normal, but I had a little trouble distinguising which lines were Yeonkyung's.  In "Be With You" you can clearly hear her voice, it's a little deeper than the other girls, but not so much in other songs.  I don't know if that's just me not being able to hear her, or if they're not giving her as many parts.  

Album concept:  

I feel that their album's concept was a little off from what they represent thus far, considering how sorrowful and sad their songs are, the concept realized in the album's artwork and promotional materials seems too happy.  It has sort of an old tattoo parlor feel to it with the art style which kind of clashes with how all the songs in their album seeme to be about heartbreak, even in the album there's a little phrase that says "Love is poison" which would fit but maybe just feels out of place.  The photos they took for this album seemed to have been shot on the same day they filmed Poison, so they are wearing their casual clothes.  I think if they had gone with what they wore for "Be With You" promotions, it would work a little better with their album's song content.

Overall Album Decision: 

I suggest you definitely check this album out if you are into ballads and like actual vocal talent as opposed to some other groups who rely on backtracking and such.  It's a little short, but it seems the trend nowadays (2012-13) of K-pop albums in general is that they release these mini albums, that are often padded with different versions of the songs.  This one is one of them, but at least the padding is nice with the other versions of the songs as opposed to instrumentals).  I find myself skipping a lot of songs on my ipod to get to the block of The SeeYa songs on my playlist to listen to.

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