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The SeeYa: Love U 

Artist:  The SeeYa
Album:  Love U

Label:  Core Contents Media

Year:  2012 (Dec)

Members in Album:
-Song Minkyung

-Heo Youngjoo

-Song Yoojin

-Oh Yeonkyung

Featured in this album:

-Taewoon of SPEED

-Lee Haeri of Davichi


  1. Poison (ft Lee Haeri of Davichi)
  2. Last Dinner
  3. Your Wedding
  4. The Winter
  5. Poison (Seeya version)
  6. Be With You (Seeya version)
  7. Be With You (ft Taewoon of SPEED)

Unboxing The SeeYa:  Love U 

I thought this was a neat album, check out my video (shot with an iPhone 5, not my Sony camera unfortunately).  This is where I learned I should use a real camera.  

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