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T-ara: Day By Day

Artist:  T-ara

Album:  Day By Day

Label:  Core Contents Media

Year:  2012 (July)

Members in Album:
-Ham Eunjung

-Park Hyomin

-Park Soyeon

-Park Jiyeon

-Lee Qri

-Jeon Boram

-Ryu Hwayoung

-Lee Areum

-Dani (kind of)


  1. Day By Day
  2. Holiday
  3. Don't Leave
  4. Hue
  5. Love Game

T-ara:  Day By Day

This album reflects a lot of my thoughts when I got this (when it came out in June-ish) even though I'm filming this video much later.  I was pleasantly surprised, check this album unboxing video out for sure!  

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