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T-ara: Breaking Heart

Artist:  T-ara

Album:  Breaking Heart (Repackage)

Label:  Core Contents Media

Year:  2009 (Nov)

Members in Album:
-Ham Eunjung

-Park Hyomin

-Park Soyeon

-Park Jiyeon

-Lee Qri

-Jeon Boram

ft. Supernova


  1. I Go Crazy Because Of You
  2. It Really Hurts
  3. One and One
  4. Like The First Time
  5. Bo Peep Bo Peep
  6. Tic Tic Toc
  7. Bye Bye
  8. Apple is for A
  9. Falling U
  10. You You You
  11. Lies (Dance version)
  12. TTL
  13. Lies (Slow version)
  14. TTL Listen 2
  15. Good Person
  16. Wanna Play?

Unboxing T-ara "Breaking Heart"

This unboxing video was filmed the night of Feb 20, 2013.  This isn't a true unboxing video, but there's a box (and a cat) and an album, so there ya go.  Unboxing.


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