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Sunny Hill

Artist:  Sunny Hill
Album:  re;code

Label:  LOEN

Year:  2013 (Apr)

Members in Song/Video:




Ft. Kim Sungwon starred in the video and Defconn and KwangHee"

Sunny Hill "Love Actually" MV Review


Ok my buddy Mike linked me to this video, from Sunny Hill who I know exists but that's about it.  I click it and it seems cheerful so far but it gets pretty ridiculous enough for me to write about it.  

It starts with three girls talking and fantasizing about a man... Who swings over and crosses his legs and his thighs bust through the seams, Hahahaha what's going on... H walks to this hairdresser girl and caresses her and washers her hair intensely.  Another girl, a florist holds p a flower to this guy who has one in his tee suddenly and puts her in a tango dip.  The next girl is selling jewelry and suddenly oh my god, he busts his shirt open and there's obviously fake chest hair in a heart pattern hahahahaha what the heck... Some other girls is rapping in a separate plane of existence to the background where all the privately mentioned events just happened.  The guy comes wandering in to the place with the three girls, and it comically has him line up wi a centaur, a men's body magazine, and the flower.  The girls are all talking about him and try to catch his attention but  are being ignored by him.  It cuts to a dance scene which is a simple cutesy dance of the four girls and some backup dancers, and it cuts bad

The scene cuts back to the place cafe thing when the guy finds a girl and presents his flowers to her.  The three at the table angrily give up, breaking the flower, biting the centaur model and ripping the magazine up.  Then some other guy comes walking in.... Unbuttoning his shirt to reveal.... A hairy heart on his chest and suddenly the girls look up to the ceiling again.  

Haha this was ridiculous with the imagery of the girls perceived masculinity with thunderous thighs that rip pants, and super hairy chests (that are heart shaped).  And I don’t know, ridiculous is more fun than your run-of-the-mill entertainment value.  You should check it out, it’s worth the watch just to laugh a little bit.  The song itself is quite nice, light and cheerful, it’s actually a remix of an original “Daybreak” song featuring Daybreak duetting with them.  I don’t know anything about Daybreak either, but this remix adds the girls of Sunny Hill (as their male member is away for military service).  

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