USA — Midwest

Learn about the 50 States of the United States of America – each lesson will cover a different state, facts, basic history, and vocabulary. Be prepared to ask some questions!

Missouri – The Show Me State
  1. What is the most famous historical event in St Louis? What famous food came out of it? 
  2. What famous composer lived in St Louis? 
  3. Who is a famous author of Missouri, and what stories did they write?
  4. Missouri is the Gateway to the West, explain what this means?
  5. Explain the Missouri Compromise
  6. What are the main 3 things produced in Missouri?
  1. World’s Fair 1904, Ice Cream cones (and also hamburgers, hot dogs, pink lemonade)
  2. Scott Joplin, a famous ragtime composer. Here is some of his music:
  3. Mark Twain is a famous author, he wrote the characters of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, and they celebrate every year in Hannibal by painting a picket fence white.
  4. Missouri, on the western border, was the starting point for many pioneers traveling out west on the Oregon Trail. 
  5. Missouri Compromise was a legal arrangement for States to be added to the USA, where a Slave State and a Free State would be added together in the early days of the United States. It was when Missouri became a State in the United States of America.
  6. Beer, a beverage mostly made in St Louis, Lead a metal that is mined in Central Missouri, and Soybeans, farmed in Missouri.
Illinois – The Land of Lincoln
  1. What international food corporation started in Illinois?
  2. What was Abraham Lincoln’s job before he was president?
  3. What is the history of the Ice Cream Sundae?
  4. What were the effects of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871?
  1. McDonald’s started in Des Plains, Illinois
  2. Abraham Lincoln was a legislator working in Springfield as a lawyer/ before he was president
  3. Due to a restriction to ice cream being sold on Sunday’s by the church influence, the spelling was changed by shops selling ice cream to “sundae” in Evanston Illinois.
  4. It was devastating, 100,000 people lost their homes, 300 people died, 3.3 miles of the city burned. After that, building codes (guidelines) were improved to prevent future fires.
More to come!