United States of America

Learn about the 50 States of the United States of America – each lesson will cover a different state, facts, basic history, and vocabulary. Be prepared to ask some questions!

<strong>The Encyclopedia of the United States</strong>,
The Encyclopedia of the United States,

Students, we will review a state for class, please look at the Scholastic Encyclopedia of the United States

5 Regions of the United States of America

The United States has 50 states, which are split into the 5 regions of Northeast, South, Midwest, Southwest, and West. Each have a distinct characteristic terrain, food, personalities. Learn about each region below!

US – Northeast

The Northeastern states were the first states in the United States, many were colonies before the American Revolution. This area has a long history with establishing the United States.

US – South

The US South has a long history in the United States. Some of the first states were here, but the humid region endures some of the greatest activities in the United States!

US – Midwest

US Midwest is the middle of the nation, also called the heartland. A lot of America’s food sources are grown here. People seem to be friendlier here too!

US – Southwest

US Southwest is the drier hotter part of the USA. It is home to the Mojave Desert. Learn more about the Southwest states here!

US – West

The US West was the last settled of the American states but they are lush with resources and have grown a significant amount.