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Artist:  SPICA
Album:  Painkiller

Label:  B2M

Year:  2012 (Mar)

Members in Song/Video:

-Bo hyung




SPICA "Painkiller" MV 



After receiving my albums yesterday I was quite hooked on SPICA’s album “Painkiller” which is a repackage of their first album but including the single Painkiller.  I was hooked on it enough to take the CD into my car (updating ipods took too long) and I usually NEVER do that.  So, while reviewing other stuff and working on the site tonight, I was like “Why not do another review of a song I like but haven’t seen the video for?”

And here we are:  

It starts off with them walking in what looks to be an urban scene and them to be dressed in what looks to be hip hop clothes (given that i see their silhouette in the fog.  There’s a slight focus on their shoe as well as a security camera’s POV through a chain fence.  one of the girls is holding a spray can of paint.  They’re dancing in the street in their various outfits, THey’re all singing and dancing in this scene with various flashes to the camera's POV which also flickers.  There’s also light flickering and going on and off lightening or darkening the girls.  The girl with the red hair (boa?) is dancing with other dancers male now who are clad in bandanas covering their faces, it switches to the blonde girl also also dancing with the male dancers.  IT switches to someone spray painting the wall the long haired one with brown brunette coloring, there might be two of those girls it’s hard for a new fan to keep track).  The girl with the cornrows is holding a highnote.  Wow these girls are good at singing and there seems to be good group distribution in parts which is something that’s very nice to see so not just one/two members bet all the focus.  At the end the girls leave the

I don’t know if I get the concept of this video other than its’ like a dance video with a darker theme to it, but that in itself while not very deep, and not original, was executed quite well in this version.  Maybe it’s my bias towards the song itself, which is amazing (check it out), but nothing is done wrong.  It may not be all that dynamic, but it’s not bad either.  

Lordnoodles rating of Spica’s “Painkiller” MV:

4 Bowls of noodles

Not original concept, excellent music, but nothing wrong in execution.  

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