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Girls' Generation

Artist:  Girls' Generation, SNSD
Album:  I Got A Boy

Label:  SM Entertainment

Year:  Dec 31, 2012

Members in Song/Video:
-Taeyeon (leader)









Girls Generation "I Got A Boy" MV Review

LordNoodles MV Review of Girls’ Generation “I GOT A BOY”

March 10, 2013

It starts out overly pink, omg this is ridiculous amount of cutesy colors.  Some guys’ coming and ringing on the comical doorbell (clown squeaky nose noise), and suddenly the do a matrix camera angle thing freezing everyone, it’s pretty neat.  He’s trying to get in, a bit antsy, right man?  The music is kinda soft and calm.  Suddenly it switches to Sooyoung saying “A YO GG,  and the music style is different.  I guess that was the intro, now it switches to them doing the song’s true intro i guess, not sure yet  They’re decked out in some overly colorful outfits and in a hip hop kinda style (it reminds me of 2ne1 a bit).  Is that Seohyun?  looks so different, like straight out of the 80s, and idt it’s good, also sunny’s hair is awful.  There’s a lot of hip gyration in the dance, and the music sounds like very fast rapping kinda thing, and there is a lot of solo shots.  Their outfits are truly weird, sooyoung’s wearing like a jumpsuit and others aren’t, wearing cuter stuff.  Then Tiffany Solo, she’s singing in a orange wig and on some sort of stage, and now the other girls are wearing orange wigs.  why orange, its not … very attractive... ok whatever.  Then it has Jessica switching them back.  This is a weird song, “I got a boy,” and they seem so confident and empowered as young women, but then Seohyun stops and has some guy tie her shoe for her and is all aegyo innocent again, taking the power right out of the message.  Did Hyoyeon just slap a person?  See, that’s like empowered, and then some guy is putting his hand on Tiffany’s knee as their sitting together, and it instantly loses its empowered content.

I don’t know about this music video, or song itself.  There’s too much going on and I’m not sure it meshes well.  To me, it’s not particularly memorable, and the outfits are blarf.  It is a different image for Girl’s Generation though, which is what I think they’re going for since they are getting older and looking for a new genre.  I don’t think that’s a bad idea, same old stuff will get overwhelming and repetitive so you must experiment.  I just don’t think this experiment is for me so much.  

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