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Artist:  Siaena
Album:  Cafe De Siaena

Label:  CJ E&M

Year:  2012 (Nov)

*Not a lot of info on her yet, some information may be inaccurate.

Siaena "Winter is Coming" MV Review


Today I’m reviewing “Winter is coming”  from Siaena.  I was watching some random stuff and it showed up in my suggested videos, so why not?  

I don’t know who Siaena is.  It starts with a shot of someone playing an acoustic guitar and her singing in some woodland looking place, and some sort of abandoned building.  It’s a soft acoustic sound and her voice singing softly, no other instruments or electronic mixing/producing.  So far it’s quite nice, I’m sure it’d be nicer if I could understand it.  She’s inside the abandoned building sitting and singing, the building is surrounded by fields of wheat or something of the sort, They switch shot angles a lot and this reveals the guitar player to be some other guy.  It focuses a lot on not her, like she’s oddly centered or not the focus of the shots.  in some of these angels you can see the city in the background.  She holds an hourglass of some sort, I’m sure that has something to do with the lyrics.  She holds up a sparkler as dusk falls, and there’s several other sparklers/mini fireworks going off.  

Overall this music video isn’t high production, but does it need to be?  The soft singing is very nice and the cinematography is quite good, despite being simple.  It’s quite a good combination for being casual and relaxed.  I’ll have to look more into this artist from now on.  

Apparently she's known for featuring and composing for other artists, and had decided to release her own work taking part in every aspect (singing, songwriting, composing, producing) of the album, Cafe De Siaena.  There's much to respect about someone who's self made especially when they're coming from a "lower" start than others.  Considering that hype is a big factor in someone's fame, her having not enough hype puts her in that category, despite the fact that she's actually good at several aspects of music making.

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