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Rumble Fish:  I Am Me

Artist:  Rumble Fish
Album:  I Am Me

Label:  Vitamin Entertianment

Year:  2010 (May)

Members in Album:  

-Choi Jin Yi
-Kim Sung Gun (Guitar)
-Kim Ho Il (Bass)
-Park Chun Hwee (Drums)


  1. Intro
  2. Toxic
  3. 1 Second 2 Second
  4. What Do We Do?
  5. Eventually We Are
  6. You're My Man
  7. What Do We Do? (Instrumental)

Unboxing Rumble Fish:  I Am Me

This is RumbleFish, which is a band featuring the female lead singer Choi Jin Yi and this is the unboxing video of that album (mostly featuring her).  A little digging into the artist history tells me that the band later disbanded however she continues to be known as Rumblefish as it was her voice in the past featured for all the songs.  

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