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Artist:  PSY
Album:  Gentleman

Label:  YG Entertainment

Year:  Apr 2013

Members in Song/Video:




PSY "Gentleman" MV Review

Ok so PSY has released a new single called “Gentleman” but has not yet released a video for it.  

This soung starts out kind of obnoxious and annoying, and very electronic.  I don’t know if I like it very much.  THere’s a lot of vocal noises but as far as lyrics and content in song, i don’t know if there’s a lot of deep meaning because of that.  Mother Father Gentleman...  not too much going on lyrically.  

Ok so I didn’t finish listening the other night and kind of gave up because the internet sucks.  Then the video was released the next day, so I might as well watch it now.

It starts with him and some other older guys holding shopping bags walking down a street and him kicking a cone.  They’re in some fancy department store.  And he’s dancing and around.  He’s going around just messing with people, like turning a girl’s treadmill speed way up, pushing another girl’s coffee into her face, jaesuk needing to go to the bathroom while in an elevator, and he presses all the buttons, farting on his hands and making some girl in the library smell it, kicking some kid’s soccer ball away.  I see some hip swaying and it reminds me of Abracadabra.  Also it looks like Ga-In  is in this video and psy messed with her, so she got him back.  They are eating and going around causing havoc... Looks like they’re partying hard a bit at some night noodle shop.  Gonna make you sway, gonna make you wet.  And HAHA they just got catapulted into a pool, what even is that, I want one.  Where do they get this many dancers???A  this huge arena looking thing is full of dancers.  Then it ends and he and Ga-In are just going around causing havoc even more hahaha.  

As a video this video is pretty funny with all the trolling going on.  It reminds me a bit of Remi Gallaird.  There’s some shoutouts to Gangnam Style with Jaesuk and Hongchul doing his thrust dance and that’s nice to see references.  The dancing in the video with the hip swaying is based on Brown Eyed Girl’s Abracadabra dance which is a very sexy dance, as no one moves their hips like they do, and it’s not being danced without permission since Ga-In is from Brown Eyed Girls and is doing the dance as well.  This video was a fun video to watch, and while Gangnam Style is hard to live up to in terms of groundbreaking youtube views and ridiculousness (being introduced to the world), I think this one is pretty fun too.  

I’m introducing the noodle bowl rating system, based on 5 bowls of noodles.  1 bowl of noodles means that it’s bad, 5 means that it’s good.  Now what determines this?  Music videos are kind of subjective so it’s just based on how I feel about it at the moment.  

LordNoodles rating for PSY’s “Gentleman” Music Video:

3.5 bowls of noodles.  

I felt like they could have done more with pranking and trolling or more with Ga-In's role in how this played out instead of dancing later on, but I guess that is important too.  

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