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Hello Venus:  What Are You Doing Today?

Artist:  Hello Venus
Album:  What Are You Doing Today?

Label:  Pledis Entertianment

Year:  2012 (Dec)

Members in Album:
-Yoo Ara







  1. What Are You Doing Today
  2. Romantic Love
  3. First Love
  4. Same
  5. Winter Fantasy

REVIEW:  Hello Venus:  What Are You Doing Today?


Of the 2012 groups that debuted, it seems one of the more successful ones was Hello Venus, successful enough to release a second mini album a few months later in December 2012!  I was honestly surprised that they released another album so soon, and while appreciated it was quite unexpected for me since they just made a repackage digital album Like A Wave over the summer.  Granted that gave them a good 6 months, but sometimes these rookie groups don't have the resources or time to go about creating in that short of a timeframe.  

This album's title song is "what are you doing today?" Which has quite a catchy sound, I had it in my head for a few days before deciding to purchase it (signed copy!  :-D ) 

This album has a lot of playful songs, especially the title track.  I almost reminds me of a Grease-esque mood, especially during the  chorus.  Other songs are softer yet still playful.  I don't find them particularly catchy though, not that that's a huge problem but its an acquired like as opposed to a catchy ear worm. 

Album Review

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Song content

There aren't a lot of songs in this album as it is a mini album but they're alright. 

1.  What Are You Doing Today is really catchy, it kind of teases you in a mischevious way, and really does remind you of old Grease style songs with Yoonjo's part.  

2.  Romantic Love is the 

2.  First love is 

3.  Same is my second favorite song in this album, it starts with a calm piano and has the girls signing with a rap from both Lime (more aggressive rap) and Yooyoung (more playful teasing rap), as well as some slight synth work. 

4.  Winter fantasy starts and sounds very much so like a Christmas song with the bells chiming but quickly switches to more poppy music with some auto tune (ugh I dunno why, they can actually sing) and some Engrish and Lime rapping

Album concept:  

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Overall Album Decision:

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