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Hello Venus:  What Are You Doing Today?

Artist:  Hello Venus
Album:  What Are You Doing Today?

Label:  Pledis Entertianment

Year:  2012 (Dec)

Members in Album:
-Yoo Ara







  1. What Are You Doing Today
  2. Romantic Love
  3. First Love
  4. Same
  5. Winter Fantasy

Unboxing Hello Venus:  What Are You Doing Today?

It's not often you can get something from overseas that's signed at a decent price... but sometimes you get lucky.  Someone in Diadem Forums shoutbox said something about signed copies of this and it was near my birthday so I was like "Why not?!"  So, here we are, couple weeks later, with the signed album.  This is my true unboxing video, I obviously have not seen the inside of it at all so check it out!

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