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Hello Venus: Venus

Hello Venus:  Venus

Artist:  Hello Venus
Album:  Venus

Label:  Pledis Entertainment

Year:  2012 (May)

Members in Album:
-Yoo Ara







  1. Hello
  2. Venus
  3. Excitement
  4. Love Appeal

Hello Venus

Hello Venus was one of the best rookie groups of 2012, under the initial cutesy girl concept.  They debuted under Pledis entertainment and are tied to fantagio entertainment as well (an acting company).  Their first album is called Venus and was released upon their debut as well, and their first single being "Venus" (video below).    Generally they were well received being one of the surviving rookie groups among the many 2012 released.    

Overall this album is quite nice, I bought the album for Venus, but also found my hidden gem of the song Love Appeal, which is quite catchy.  The other songs are alright too, with "Excitement" being a ballad (although I feel like the title is misleading or mistranslated, it might be like "anticipation"), and the Hello being a good intro song as it was presented in their debut.  My major gripe with this album, was at how short it was.  With only four songs, I felt a bit shortchanged and was wanting more.  I understand why Pledis may have not done very much due to the fact that they didn't want to spend too much on a new group with no guarantee of success, compared to a more established group, as well as the trend of mini albums in kpop right now, but still I feel like there should be a minimum of about 5 songs for a mini album to be that.  Compared to the debut of the original Seeya in 2006, with 12 songs in their album, I feel like this is quite a big change from that time.  

Album art review:  

Still, this groups concept of bubblegum pop, while being overdone a bit, seems to work for Hello Venus quite well.  The album itself is alright, again with Pledis not offering a ton of stuff up front on a debut mini album.  If you like bubblegum groups, then I feel this is the right groups for you. 

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