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Girl's Day

Artist:  Girl's Day
Album:  Expectation

Label:  Dream Tea

Year:  2013 (Feb)

Members in Song/Video:




Girl's Day:  "White Day" MV Review

Girls Day:  "White Day"  MV review

Hello!  This is my very first Music Video review, done on 2/20/2013.

This video starts out in the snowy forest of some sort, with pictures hanging off the trees, it's kind of odd, the camera is shaky as are the pictures.  The pics are polaroids and are hung on the trees by ribbons.  The song throws you right into the mix, and as the song goes on there are audible picture noises and flashes simulating pictures being taken... which is kind of weird considering this implies that pictures of pictures are being taken but we don't see any of the results.  Okay now the scene changed from the winter to what looks to be an arboreal spring/summer image, sunny and the pics are hung on thin string with mini clips, again, pictures of pictures (and simulated picture taking of pictures of pictures), and these pics are hanging across each other like several clotheslines in a chinatown alley.  The video fades out, as does the song, calmly.  

The song itself is very nice, I quite like it.  Like I said above, it's got an R&B feel to it although a little faster than normal to me, but definitely has that sound.  It's quite soothing and reminds me of like a calm winter day of first snow, given the video and the title of the song, I think it achieves this feeling quite well.  The music video is... I would say more artsy?  I don't know if it is executed completely well.  It would've taken me what, $50 of supplies including poloroid film, ribbon, string and mini clips, and using existing camera equipment/editing to make this video?  It's simple, that's for sure, and it's not going to win any awards on dynamic or soulcrushingly heartbreaking noteriety like other K-pop videos, but if the purpose is to just reintroduce Girl's Day, that's just fine.  

I don't really follow Girls Day so I wouldn't know about any new album, but in class one day i recently looked at Girls' Day discography and I didn't hear about any upcoming album from them releasing anything recent although i guess it could be anticipated given the time frame, it's about time.  I think I like it enough to preorder the album, whatever it may be.  Hopefully it's not just a single; that annoys me haha.    

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