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Girl's Day

Artist:  Girl's Day
Album:  Expectation

Label:  Dream Tea

Year:  2013 (Mar)

Members in Song/Video:




Girl's Day "Expect" MV Review


Today I am going to watch this new video by Girl’s Day called Expect(ations?).  Released 3/11/2013, in their upcoming album like 3 days from now.  I don’t know much about this son yet, but I believe I saw a preview to be a lot more poppy, less cute, and idk, it was like a week ago when Mike showed me the preview.  

Here we go:  

There’s a lot of girls dancing around in sexy outfits.  How many members do they have?  I thought it was 5 members, but it looks like 9+ people here, they don’t have that many so some are dancers?  It’s kind of hard to tell as a non-mainstream fan.  It cuts between them in sexy outfits dancing and some some girl being caressed by a guy, until his phones goes off and he disappears.  They have english lyrics, its saying a lot of things about going crazy, and not liking this feeling, and then more cuts of them dancing sexily, back to the girl she finds his phone and reads his texts (is this an invasion of privacy?)  (as a guy who’s doing suspicious things, don’t leave your phone around for people to find!, better yet DON'T BE A SCUMBAG AND DON'T DO SUSPICIOUS THINGS)  This music builds up quite a bit around 2:10 to 2:20 and climaxes, and cuts out to restart, with lyrics saying things like “What’s wrong with me, i hate you” and it cuts a lot of the couple having cute moments, i’m guessing these are flashbacks.  Another cliax of music and voice warping (not bad), and then cuts of the dancing girls, and cuts of the main story girl putting on makeup, and now the couple is talking at like dinner, she’s all dressed up, a little more... not what i’d expect her to wear, more like ready to go out fashionista style.  Ooh now she does something a bit dramatic and takes her promise/couple/engagement ring and drops it into his drink, signifying that ITS OVER.  Yay, taking matters into her own hands.

The way this music video was done is fine, kind of generic with the dancing and the lyrics and the premise, but that’s fine, nothing done really wrong, but nothing groundbreaking.  The music accompanying it I thought was pretty catchy, although I'm not a huge fan of vocal distortion that was sometimes used in the song, I feel that most of the vocals were not distorted, just a few here and there.  This company, being a non-Core Contents Media company (trolololol), has a single music video for this song, but it could easily be done into 2 given the two different scenarios going on (dancing and lyrical story), but I don’t know if there’s truly enough content for two good music videos so I think the decision to make one with a lot of intercutting is the right decision.  

Like I said before, this music video isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s done just fine, girls are shown, seems like parts were distributed evenly (it would help if i knew the girls more), enough of a story to keep you interested in what the main girl is going to do next, and the music during the whole thing is quite good.  

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