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Gavy NJ

Artist:  Gavy NJ
Album:  6th Album

Label:  Goodfellas Entertainment

Year:  Apr 2013

Members in Song/Video:


-Si Hyun

Gavy NJ "Farewell Cinema" MV Review


Today we have Gavy NJ in their new video.  I got their last album on a whim, but do not regret my purchase at all, and I support their new efforts in their new album (that this will be in).  So, let’s get into it!  

It seems as if Gunji has changed her hair dramatically... The girls look a bit sweaty and warm, there’s a fan and there’s a little bit of humid hair going on, this might be intentional.  They also look sad, or that’s just how they look, I've not figured it out yet, but they’re definitely not smiling.  This has a bit of a honky tonk feeling, however I may be using that genre incorrectly.  Oh wow, Gunji’s voice is very distinctive.  As for the video, they’re in red dresses with their hair done up and it switches to another outfit, where they’re wearing white and black outfits.  The red is more prominently featured.  It’s definitely got a ballad feel to it also, a kind of a neat mix.  The music video doesn’t have a ton going on, just scene switching and singer switching to whomever is singing at the moment.

For the video itself it’s pretty typical of a singer-featured music video where there’s just a lot of scene switching and focus on the member that is singing at the moment.  Their outfits are fine, the black ones were surprisingly showing a bit more midriff, when you could see them anyway, but nothing too dramatic.  Like I said before the song is got a honky tonk kind of feel, with a mid tempo pace yet at the same time the vocals expressed the emotions of sorrow and sadness, so it was exhibiting essences of a ballad as well.  

I’m going to probably get this album upon release as well as the other major group releases so I can properly review and enjoy this album.  I liked their last album, though I learned later it was the odd-one-out in that it was less focused on ballads and more R&B.  

Lordnoodles rating for Gavy NJ’s “Farewell Cinema” MV:  

3 Bowls of noodles.  

The vocals were great, it seems as if they expressed the emotion quite well, but the video itself was mediocre and generic.  

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