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Artist:  Davichi
Album:  Mystic Ballad

Label:  Core Contents Media

Year:  2013 (Mar)

Members in Song/Video:


ft. Ryu Hyoyoung (5dolls)

Davichi:  "Turtle" MV Review

Davichi:  "Turtle"  MV Review

Today I am watching Davichi's "Turtle."  Why is this named turtle?

Oh she has pink hair... ew, what is this, TTS concept art?  There's a music box of some sort, and why is the guy watching her in the forest like a play scene without a stage.  Oh hey, subtitles, that word turtle makes a lot of sense suddenly.  I don’t think I can keep up reading and writing though.  This is Hyoyoung right?  It’s hard to tell with that hair.  She’s walking through the forest, towards a giant pink... thing... what is this?  A portal to another world?  She crawls through and... it still looks like a forest.  She comes across a rabbit.  AHA!  A tortoise-hare relation!  And now she's crawling back through the portal.  OH WOW that's pretty, wall or flowers, looks like carnations or fake flowers, and it's quite neat, (plus her hair fits right in).  There's a lot of petals flying around, she's in like a mystic trance or awe of this new scene and to be fair it's pretty neat looking.  

She is now crawling through the portal again, and finds some sort of picnic looking thing, there's cake and party favors, a pillow(?), balloons, and a sand time turner; that's probably important.  She wanders through again, it's evening now and there are paper lanterns she hangs them up and leans on a tree or something, deep in thought.  Again, she leaves through the pink portal thing.  Now back to the birthday thing picnic, and has odd flashbacks of daylight (or otherwise brightness difference) with the mad hatter man playing with the cake and arranging things (very briefly).  The time turner sand clock is close to being empty and she suddenly looks less amazed, and more worried.  She sees the mad hatter sitting in front of her and she's reaching for him but it the sand time turner reaches the ends and she's stuck in pose.   This is kind of depressing suddenly.  

The theme of this is about not moving fast enough, being a 'turtle' and running out of time, based on what I was able to read in the lyrics while trying to watch and type this at the same time (no easy task) and I saw some elements of like wonderland with the rabbit, and crawling through portals (Davichi does have an old album called Davichi in Wonderland), and I don't exactly know if they were alluding to the tortoise and the hare folk story, but it seemed like it a little bit.  I was a little surprised that i did not see a turtle in the video at all.  Maybe they're hard to get in Korea? I really don't know about the fauna over there.  

This is an interesting video, the use of color and fantasy is used quite well despite the awful hair (seriously, pink puffy hair, CCM STOP!  [that goes for all of kpop... SM!])  and the old vintage antique stuff is kind of used in Asian (in general) and Kpop a bit much, looking at like Secret's Starlight Moonlight, IU's You and I, but it's not a bad look, maybe recycled a bit.  The overall theme of this video treats it like a discovery, a childish curiosity at life which is what Hyoyoung's character kind of is, a child, new to the world.  But, time runs out for something, and then like that it ends on a tragic note.  It doesn't leave you satisfied, and that's what this song is about.  

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