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Davichi: "Love Delight"

Artist:  Davichi

Album:  Love Delight

Label:  Core Contents Media

Year:  2011 (Aug)

Members in Album:
-Kang Minkyung

-Lee Haeri


  1. Don't Say Goodbye
  2. Love, Oh Love,
  3. Don't Find Me Again
  4. Happy End
  5. Secret
  6. Don't Say Goodbye (instrumental)

Unboxing Davichi "Love Delight"

I (FINALLY) got this album after an overly long time of waiting and mistakes in planning in getting this album.  ugh.  But finally I can listen to the song that pretty much introduced me to K-ballads, one of the first ones I found while looking up K-pop (or ballad) songs, and one of the first that introduced me to OMG-ITS SO SAD music videos.

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