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Artist:  Davichi
Album:  Mystic Ballad Pt II

Label:  Core Contents Media

Year:  2013 (Mar)

Members in Song/Video:
-Kang Minkyung

-Lee Haeri


-Jang Shin Young

-Bang Seonghun

Davichi "Just The Two Of Us" MV Review


Hello, today I’m going to be watching Davichi’s new video release of “Just The Two Of Us” which was released March 17th (I’m late to the party, again, oh well).  This is in their upcoming album “Mystic Ballad 1990” or whatever its called (I have been trying to find more info, like a release date, and cannot find anything useful).  

Here we go!

It opens up in a badlly lit bar/ restaurant place, with a girl walking in slwoly.  it’s quite siletn, and she walks up to a table and sits down.  She looks longing, and the lyrics mention coffee.  It flashes back and the lighting is better, and some guy comes and sits and takes a drink of soju/sake, and she’s pretty responseless, and cut back to current times, she pours two glasses of the drink and looks sad.  Flash back, it’s them eating and drinking and enjoying themselves.  Longer shot away has another couple eating and drinking with her in the background sitting alone, now with food.  Flash back, he’s carivng into the table and she’s helpingh im hide it and

She now lets the tears fall, looks around sadly at others.  Flash back, it cuts to her saying he he’s drunk, and he says, kind of out of the blue, that they should break up, she’s not hte right one for her.  She retorts that he said loved her, but he responds wit ha “not anymore.”  Harsh, man, harsh.  Drunk emotions are awful.  Flash future, she pours a drink and spills it, and sees the carving they made that says “Be With You” and she pours the drink on the carving as it flashes back and forth between him and her past and present touching it.  He also looks miserable (is that even him?  he looks different).  

Mmk so that was different, the lyrics here are interesting in that there’s a lot of talking of drinking and alcohol, and being drunk, which strikes me as new territory but maybe that’s because they haven’t captioned the lyrics in English like this before.  One of the top comments on youtube when I watched was “60% of the lyrics is lets have a drink.  Another interpretation that I read about was that he was breaking up with her because he had a drinking problem and didn’t want to drag her down with it.  Seems kind of dramatic but I supposed most music videos are.  

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