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Artist:  Davichi
Album:  Mystic Ballad Pt II

Label:  Core Contents Media

Year:  2013 (Apr)

Members in Song/Video:
-Kang Minkyung

-Lee Haeri

-Verbal Jint

Davichi "Be Warmed" MV Review


Wow, Davichi keeps releasing singles/music videos!  There’s both pluses and minuses to that, seeing as they reduce their own chances of winning a music award or having ranking in a popularity chart with their own songs, but contrasting that, they are spreading more notoriety and material of theirs instead of beating a dead horse for months upon end.  Given that despite major popularity, Davichi isn’t a major group in the same terms when it comes to comparing them against pop groups.  Partly because the fans of pop groups are much more fanatical, and partly because it’s just a different genre, Davichi isn’t a huge contender on those music shows (which have been iffy lately anyway).  I may be speaking out of turn, I’m not into those music shows as much as it requires more time/effort than I have available.  

So, here’s today’s review of their newly release single, “Be Warmed”

It opens with a dusty looking cobweb filled building, with the girl (minkyung) sitting on an old piano bench, singing about something (there’s an old dial phone turning loosely)  I really like minkyung’s soft voice here, but looking at her lips here feels weird since they’re all like pale.  There’s some flashes to some other dude, slick hair and suited up, I believe that to be Verbal Jint.  Haeri comes and sings also, almost whisper like and it sounds great.  There looks to be something dripping on some old film strip of pictures (negatives).  Also there’s a dropping of red dye into a glass filled with water, and a close up of a book with the words “Only one” circled, .  The scene changes and they’re no longer wearing black in a dusty building, but white in not as neglected looking building  with various european style finery.  and there’s now a heel, now in flames.  Wow this song is really good so far, I’m quite the fan.  Now they’re back to the black outfits and the neglected building, and now Haeri and Minkyung are separated by a wall it looks to be sets (neglected building and fine building) separated by a wall.  They switch back to white outfits and they’re images of jewelry and candles burning with the flames clearly flowing to the right.  Verbal Jint’s part starts up as the flowers that were dropped earlier start burning.  Haeri sings background vocals during Verbal Jint’s part, the bouquet of flowers burns and the roses look wither, the ice melts, the film is burned, a lightbulb shatters, a ring burns (i don’t remember the ring), and Haeri looks distressed.  The song slows down and clams up and the words “The end” inscribed onto a map or something similar, burn away, ending the video.  

For the video itself, I feel like a lot of Davichi music videos don’t ha ve a lot of Davichi in them necessarily, the is one of the rare ones where ONLY the people singing are in the video as opposed to having actors/actresses portraying the emotion sang in the song.  Minkyung has had minor actor roles before, and I’m not entirely sure of Haeri or Verbal Jint, but this music video is based on the old premise that the performers are in the music video and there’s all sorts of vague symbolism.  

Overall this song/music video is excellent, and while I don’t know the lyrics and I’m quick enough to watch before this is captioned, I don’t know what they’re technically saying, but I can tell what it’s about by the emotions in their voices and some of what’s portrayed in the music video.  I’m not entirely sure I like the rap part in this song, as it feels like it is breaking it up too much as this could very well be a master ballad, but for silver lining at least they got a good rapper, Verbal Jint.  

I’m updating a day later because I had this song stuck in my head all day , and have now watched it again, this time with lyrics, and WOW do I get a better understanding of this!  I knew the song was sad, but the lyrics really help set the mood early on, it’s quite woeful and full of regret.  I really do love this song, it’s probably in one of the top songs from Davichi I’ve heard.  Oh hey look... iTunes download--PURCHASED.  It’s not in their upcoming album so why not buy it?  I have 3 singles out there from Davichi because... they weren’t on albums that i’d buy (Davichi’s single, Love Call: showcasing “I’ll Think Of You”, Davichi’s OST for BIG: showcasing “Because of You” and now this one).  I think this one is great, really check this out!  

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