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Hello I'm LordNoodles, and this is my website.  I will post what I can about K-pop and other such things here, reviews, videos, my thoughts, that sort of thing.  I do this for fun, and I have no connection to the industry.  

I'm from a college town in Illinois, born and raised here, but went to university in St. Louis not too far away.  I'm of Taiwanese descent and during the Hakka 2011 tour I was introduced by my friend Jennifer to a genre of music called K-pop.  After that I started listening to at first Girls Generation and various others on Spotify, but soon discovered my favorite to be T-ara.  They still are my favorites in terms of number of songs I like from them, but I've moved on to a broader K-pop general fandom.  So I always toyed with the idea of a website, but didn't know what to put in it.  I am kind of talkative when I want to be, and I must share my opinion sometimes.  So, I started talking about K-pop a lot, and suddenly I had enough content for a site.  Yay!

About the name:  My name, LordNoodles was a partly randomly generated name from the game Heroes of Might and Magic 3, and I do love noodles, so I decided to adopt that identity. I appear in the T-ara forums at www.tiaradiadem.com with this name and a few of the members there know me.  My real name is Ethan.

Other interests besides K-pop:  

  • K-dramas (ok that's not too far of a stretch)
  • Food.  Sushi is pretty.  
  • Sci-fi novels stories and movies.
  • Video games (Sebychou on PSN) (Choumein8888 Xbox)
  • Firearms, revolvers are fun.  
  • I have pets, 5 cats and a dog in my family.
  • Real estate
  • My Mini Cooper Countryman, EVA

Resume stuff  (In case you were curious)

BS in Criminology and Criminal Justice (Minor in Psych; Certificate in trauma studies)

MA in Higher Education, Student Affairs Administration

Experience in construction management, residential life, housing, leasing, student activities, leadership programs, tutoring, tech support, 

Bilingual in Mandarin spoken language.  

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