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2BiC: Hu+Man

Artist:  2BiC

Album:  Hu+Man

Label:  Nextar Entertainment

Year:  2012 (Mar)

Members in Album:
-Lee Joon Hyung

-Kim Ji Hwan

Featured in this album:



  1. Love Again (ft Ailee)
  2. Promise You
  3. Lady Lady
  4. On Nights Like Tonight (ft Davichi)
  5. Made Yet Another Woman Cry
  6. Promise You (Piano version)
  7. Love Again (instrumental)

Unboxing 2BiC:  Hu+Man

I first ran into the song Love Again on Youtube randomly because Ailee was in it (or so I thought, it's just her voice).  I liked it and R&B is nice, and she's got a powerful rap.  And I support new artists that I like so why not buy it?  It's a neat album


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