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Added PSY "Gentleman" MV 

Introduced the Noodle Rating system.


Added, Siaena "Winter is Coming"

Updated/finished review of T-ara's Breaking Heart album 

Also updated what's in the mail and what's to be ordered.  
I'm still working on several things... I know I should pick some and finish them so i have more material.... it's in the works.

4/7/13 It's been awhile, I haven't been actively adding stuff but have been writing and thinking.  I added some more material for the Music Video Review section including:

SNSD's I Got A Boy

Girl's Day Expect

Davichi Just the Two Of Us

and the EXCELLENT new song from Davichi, Be Warmed

3/4/13 Added history page and decided to have only 3-5 work days worth of feed in the newsfeed, and stick the rest there.  

Added MV Review of Davichi's Turtle

Still working on various reviews, needs a lot of touch up work on several.  Created a template though, so I will now follow that in the future.  


Hello and welcome to LordNoodles.com!  This is a website that is thus far dedicated to Korean pop culture!  I do unboxing videos, music video reviews, and reviews of albums here!  

I am still working on the site at the moment, it's a lot of work but it's fun.  I haven't made all the decisions yet, so we'll see how it goes, but it's exciting to have my own space!

I’m introducing the noodle bowl rating system, based on 5 bowls of noodles.  1 bowl of noodles means that it’s bad, 5 means that it’s good.  Now what determines this?  Music videos are kind of subjective so it’s just based on how I feel about it at the moment.  

In the mail


Incoming albums I have bought or want to buy for future reviews:

  • 2)  Girls Generation Run Devil Run
  • 2)  Davichi's Mystic Ballad
  • 2)  See Ya Rebloom

To Be Ordered

  • Gavy NJ
  • Secret's album... Poison or another earlier one
  • Davichi's first album (or repackage?)
  • Ga-In's albums (Step 2/4 might be difficult)
  • Lee Hi
  • Sistar Alone
  • Kara

  • T-ara's N4
  • 4Minute's jungle thing
  • After School
  • Hello Venus
  • Gavy NJ 

I'm going to be so wonderfully broke.

Seriously, help me decide what else... and I'm price conscious though, I don't like buying 4 song albums that cost $25 USD.  

Music and groups that I have heard about, but I need to do more research to make an opinion

  • NS Yoon G
  • Gavy NJ
  • RumbleFish
  • Sunny Hill
  • After School
  • Girls' Day
  • A pink
  • Secret
  • Exid

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